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Veevee's Cafe ReMix ☕

Veevee's Cafe ReMix ☕

┊₊˚ʚ ☕ Welcome to Veevee's Cafe! ☕ ɞ˚₊┊

╭︰-> 👻 We are a pokémon × anime server! We strive to create a safe and freindly community for trainers and weebs alike! Our main bots are myuu and mewbot. 👻 ઉ・

🌷┊Our main goals/what we offer︰
・8000+ friendly and nice members! ꒰
・A respectful and kind staff/owner! ꒰
・Many giveaways and events! ꒰
・Grow your server quickly with us! ꒰
・40+ self roles to make you unique! ꒰
・Channels for other popular bots like pokétwo and pokémeow! ꒰

⛔ ✦ Warning: Once you joined, please take self roles to access most of the features here! ✦ ⛔


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