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Swy's Hangout

Swy's Hangout

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Swy's Hangout
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i can't promise you that we're any different than every other server out there but we're trying to be original and more user friendly. making the server more hands on and more interactive for each user that comes in. we're just hoping to meet a lot of new people and make new friends! so go ahead and join if you're looking to do the same. (please note that this server is recommended 16+)

╰┈─➤ Lets take a glance into the servers features.


⊰ Server profile
⊰ Userphone
⊰ Fun Emotes to use!
⊰ load of bots to play around with
⊰ a place to grow as a content creator!
⊰ partnerships!

yeah we are just starting out…
But we would love you to join in our
Journey to create a safe fun relaxing space for all