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Yahiko's Crew

Yahiko's Crew

Welcome to Yahiko's Crew!

First of all! When you join the server, Go to the Verification Channel.

We would like to introduce our community. Our community offers a huge amount of respect towards our members. We do offer some amazing features such as:

😏 | A Non-toxic community!
👍 | Family-friendly community!
🎉 | daily fun events!
🎁 | weekly giveaways!
🫂 | positive staff!
What We Need:
1 Active Members
2 1k+ Members
3 All of the above
4 Boosters
Is it worth it to join Yahiko's staff community? Yeah it is! You can improve your socializing skills chatting with our members & staff daily. You can also make new friends by simply adding each other.
What are you waiting for? Join Yahiko's staff community as soon as possible!