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Hyztax's server

Hyztax's server

Join my server for the the best experience, get updates about all the games you wana know about. Text and talk with alot of people and start making friends easy. If u you have any questions add my discord and i will answar | Hyztax#2323

If you like my server, tell your friends about it. That would help me out alot. anyways this server is an obly ernglish server, so if you cant english that well tell me and i may think about making channels in your language.

Well have fun in my server. and i apologize if you find any bugs or anyting, bc im the only on working on this server so far. IF you find any bug or glitch in my server, like "bots that aint working or commands that dosent work" pls tell me so i can fix those problem.

Thanks | Hyztax