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[UK/EU] EliteBritishRoleplay

[UK/EU] EliteBritishRoleplay

Hello @eveyone welcome to EliteBritishRoleplay we are A professional 5M server that hopes to become popular 1 day we are currently still working on Our server but is up and open to the public to play we are currently on the hunt for

❄️ EliteBritishRoleplay ❄️

❄️ Welcome to EBRP❄️

| ❀️ | What we offer:

|πŸš— | Cars for a cheap
| πŸ›‘οΈ | we have a Anti-cheat
| ✨ | Cool Hud
| πŸŽ‰ | we do Giveaways
| πŸ“± | Phone's
| πŸ“¦ | custom inventory
| πŸš— | Many Many FiveM ready Car's and Add-On
| πŸ”¨ | Job's such as MET,LFB,NHS And AA
| 🎞️ | Awesome Loading screen
| πŸ‘• | Custom EUP
| 🀝 | Many Partner's
| πŸ”Š | Voice Channel's
| πŸ”Š | FiveM Sound's

if you would like to join!
Join down in the discord and connect to our server via server ip in our discord hole to see you there!