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ReferGamez Community Server

ReferGamez Community Server

Welcome to Los Angeles Roleplay! We are a strict, friendly, and we make sure that we always do Realistic Roleplay! We are currently Hiring Staff! and that we make sure no-one abuses there powers. (If Anybody Abuse They Will Be blacklisted)

Come down and Join Use Today!!!

What do Ya'll have?

  1. We Have Nice and Cool Staff!
  2. We are currently in development and in the process of finding some Livery Makers!
  3. Do yall have any livery's? Yes we do!
  4. Are Ya'll famous? We used to be but… No, we are not we only have 1 staff member due to an abusive staff member that Banned all of my staff and members.
  5. Do Ya'll support LGTBQ+? Yes, and we will always!
  6. Do Ya'll have SSU? We are going to have that soon!

How Many Members do Ya'll have?
We have 2 currently!