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The Vertix 5OO

The Vertix 5OO

$- The Vertix 5OO ™

What we offer you:

#1 - Verification
To make sure our members are safe, we have a verification system to block bots from accessing the server.

#2 - Perks for boosters
Boosters will have access to a special category with many options, like costum emojies.

#3 - Premium
We have a premium role! There are a few ways you could get this role, make sure to check out the premium info channel for more information.

#4 - SFW
We do not approve any nsfw content here, this is a community server and not a place for these type of materials.

#5 - Giveaways
We're always active for giveaways for Premium & Economy cash!

#6 - partner
We're always looking for partners, we might not be a big community but partnering will help us!

#7 - Updates
Updates always happen here! You could check the change log for more information about this.

You could support us by bumping or inviting others!