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FUNXMC Season 3!!!

FUNXMC Season 3!!!

『☀ FunXmc ☀』
➣Website: Soon
➣Version: Paper Spigot 1.19

Welcome to FunXmc, a unique and fun place to hangout, and chat with friends. FunXmc is a Survival Multiplayer server with aspect that offers unique experiences, custom events, and an abundance of free perks that differentiates us from any other server.

➣【Our Development】
With top quality plugins from Spigot and Hand-Written configurations, you can expect a pleasant, easy-going experience. If you encounter any bugs feel free to report them to staff in our Report Channel!

➣👷 【Progress】
We are working on this server for a long time and it will take a time to finish the server making it perfect for you.
If you join the discord now you can tell us what you like. We will read them all and think about them or create a public vote.

FunXmc comes with a plethora of features that are ready to go. With our experience from 2 years of Minecraft servers (with 100+ players).


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