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our rules:

Each server has its own rules, we have designed our own rules for the sake of our own server. I hope you don't have any problems following the rules.

:emoji_24: If you are ready, let's take a look at the rules we have compiled :)

1-It is forbidden to swear exaggeratedly, to be a bully, to share hateful conversations.

2-Inappropriate conversations, disturbing movements, blood, jumpscare, illegal content are strictly prohibited.

3-It is forbidden to disturb any member from the private conversation area, when reported to the authorities, the offender will be banned from the server.

4-Provocative words and fighting are prohibited.

5-Advertising is prohibited (including DM)

6-People who do not establish a smooth conversation line with people you are not sincere will be punished.

Even if you do not read the rules, it is considered as read, you will not have any problems in the process if there is no discomfort in the chat. Have fun @everyone @here