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Who We Are!
We are a Minecraft Role-Playing Game Community for Play Station, Xbox, Android/IOS and PC Here at GT we strive to give the best service. We are growing fast and we are inviting YOU to be a part of us.

We have many features that allow us to have great RPG Patrols on Minecraft !


🛡 Supportive and Active Staff
🌐 Range of Time zones We Patrol Around!
🗺 Map Patrols
💰 An Economy
🙋 Active Community Members
📆 Daily Patrols
😄 Seeking New Members
🚓 Looking For Staff Members

📋 Server Rules 📋

  1. No racist, NSFW, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, slurs or similar remarks! This includes harrassment of others!
  2. No spamming or large text walls.
  3. Be respectful of ALL members of the server
  4. Do not share or encourage the sharing of other member's personal information
  5. Please keep all chats to English.


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